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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something to smile about!

Today I participated in give kids a smile. Rachel ended up being my trusty companion and I couldn't have asked for a better partner! There were a few things I learned from this experience...1) how to use phosphate plate x-rays which by the way were awesome because you just scan them through this machine and they come up on the computer kind of like digital x-rays just without the bulky sensor. Pros and cons to both though. 2) I would perfer not to work in a pediatric office as a dental hygienist. Kids are great don't get me wrong but it can be a little challenging to clean their teeth especially when they bit down on your fingers. But it was a great day we were able to provide free dental care to kids, I got a lot of practice and a free lunch. Thanks Rach for all your help!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Marla's 21st Birthday

Marla, the youngest person in our class, turned 21 today! A group of her friends (us included) went to Macaroni Grill for dinner and then to a lounge called Sparks here in Provo. They serve non-alcoholic drinks. Only in Utah! But it was really fun and my mango mojito was delicious. Cost the same as an alcoholic drink though!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Simon, Alvin... THEODORE!

Mindi gave birth to THEODORE RILEY BURT today. Theo decided to come almost a month early (due date: March 15th) but he is a healthy baby. He is so cute and has a full head of hair. Wish we could have gone to visit this weekend to see him. Unfortunately I had to work and had a ton of stuff going on so we couldn't. We plan on going to Boise April 2nd-5th so we will see him then. We thought it would have worked out great cause he would have only been born a few weeks before. Now he is going to be 6 weeks so I am kind of sad we don't get to see him brand spankin' new but he will still be as precious as ever. Congratulations Mommy Mincer!


The UDA convention was this weekend. We presented our table clinic on Phentolamine Mesylate which is a soft tissue anesthesia reversal agent. Our giant 3D syringe turned out awesome but sadly we did not win the contest. We did however get schooled by a dentist. He had a pen that snaps in and out and he was like bam I give you X mg. of mepivicaine blah blah blah but he keep saying "BAM mepivicaine" and snapping his pen in my face like he was giving me an injection! I also purchased Orascoptic loupes which will help with my ergonomics. Cost a small fortune but it will be worth it!