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Saturday, March 6, 2010

B is for BOY

 Our neighbors Christina and Matt are expecting their first baby a BOY on March 22nd. I helped her friend throw a baby shower for her at the clubhouse of another friend's apartment. It turned out great!
 I look completely cracked out in this picture. I just left my hair curly when I got out of the shower cause I was short on time but apparently I should of planned ahead to make myself look decent. But Christina made out with a lot of excellent baby loot! I am glad we were able to help her score some sweet gifts.
The theme of the baby shower was finger foods we had tons of kid appropriate snacks and even a cupcake contest! I thought it turned out great! and I  loved the colors! I can't take credit for the banner though that was her friend's doing! I totally am going to steal the idea for future gatherings though.