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Friday, May 22, 2009

Athena you amaze me!

Now let me just tell you a little bit about our niece Athena (yes her mom is part Greek so that is why she has a Greek name but it fits her well). She is so amazingly musically talented. If there is a song I like she will just look it up on the internet and learn how to play it for me if I ask. Who does that? That is amazing. Anyways when I first met Athena she couldn't even order her own food at a restaurant because she was too shy. Now she is playing acoustic solos for her school choir. She is so incredibly talented she amazes me! Just so you know nafana you make Mikey cry when he hears you play! We love you and can't wait for you to be a RoCkStaR! Check out the link for youtube to watch Thena's big debut! P.S. in the picture above she has chocolate in her teeth not rampant decay!

Life is a picnik!

I am in love! I was introduced to this website called that has free photo editing. My friend at school Chelsea Johnson likes to take photos as a hobby but she is really good at it. Her pictures always look amazing so I asked her what program she uses to edit her photos. She directed me to this website. Picnik has a bunch of editing tools or you can upgrade to a premium account for 25 bucks a year. It is a great program. I took one of my favorite photos of spartacus and enhanced it just to show how awesome it really is. As many of you know I love photography as well I just couldn''t afford the expensive photo editing programs. I am really happy now though cause I can edit my photos for free! Thanks Chelsea for sharing your secret with me!

First Impressions...

On Tuesday during our dental materials lab at school I learned how to mix alginate and take dental impressions. Although I am not very good at it yet we had a lot of fun learning. My poor partner Lara Broadbent has to put up with me. She was an assistant before starting hygiene school so she is a pro. Lucky for me, I can learn a lot from her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


While we were in Montana for the weekend Mo stayed with her cousin Ryder. They played tug-o-war pretty much the entire time. I think they might have had a little too much fun though cause when we brought her home she went straight to her kennel and fell into a doggy sleeping coma!

Ladies & Gents WE have a DOCTOR in the family!

Congratulations to our sister-in-law Morgan! She graduated with a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy. P.S. with my ergonomics in clinic I will be asking for her assistance often. On Friday May 15th after Mikey got off work we were off to Missoula, Montana to show our love and support for her great accomplishment! From Provo, Utard it is about an 8-8.5 hr. drive to Missoula so we stopped off for the evening in Idaho Falls. The Martins (Tiny, Becky, Lanee and Dew) were nice enough to let us crash at their house. They even had Tiny's famous Tres Leches waiting for us when we arrived. Friends are the greatest! Saturday morning we were off to Missoula. It was a short 4 hr. drive, at least for me because about a half hour into it I fell asleep and Mikey drove the whole way. Don't feel bad for him I asked if he wanted me to drive and I did help out on the way home. We got to celebrate with Morgan for the rest of the day with friends and family. It was a great time! Missoula is a great town also...we definitely wouldn't be 0pposed to moving there!