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Friday, June 11, 2010

Married Marla...

Marla got married this weekend and we went down to Preston, Idaho (about 45 minutes away from us) to attend her reception and see the blushing bride! It was fun to see her again and of course she was a beautiful bride!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mountain Men in McCammon

Mindi, Ryan and Theo came to visit us in McCammon this weekend. There was a mountain man rendevous just outside of town so we ventured out to see what it was all about. There were a bunch of vendors selling mountain man stuff and they also had a cannon shoot off while we were there. When they shot off the bowling ball it sounded like a flock of geese squaking.
 We also took them on a hike through good enough canyon just a little ways because it was muddy and starting to get difficult to walk through without hiking boots which neither Ryan nor I had.
Mikey looks so angry in this picture but he wasn't he was watching Mo run up the hill searching for squirrels when I snapped the picture but I think it turned out pretty funny like he is throwing a tantrum or something.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Hurrah!

I was planning on going to Boise for the week to visit my dear friend Beca before she moved to Hawaii. Unfortunately the car I was going to take needs a repair so Mikey was nice enough to bring me over the weekend before and then his sister Mindi brought me back the following weekend because she was coming over to visit us anyways.
 Mikey got some one on one cuddle time with Tyleigh and Jaelyn.
 Theo wasn't happy with photo shoots at this point and Jaelyn wasn't bothered by her cookie and punch covered face.
 Tyleigh being an angry turtle.
 Theo intrigued by the t.v.
 There's a happy boy!
 Fortunatley I was there to witness Tyleigh graduate from kindergarten! First grade here she comes...
Most of the week I spent with Beca, but we did manage to find some time to get together with some girl friends for dinner. Mariah surprised us all and flew in from Alaska which was fun because I was thinking I wasn't going to see her while she was pregnant. We went shopping, out to eat to all our favorite restaurants, and spent a day at the spa. It was a wonderful week! Made me miss the good old days...this getting older and moving to different parts of the country can be exciting but also disappointing when you miss old friends.