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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Temple Challenge

Living on the Wasatch Front we have several Temples right at our fingertips. We decided we need to take advantage of this and visit the Temples from Bountiful to Provo. Mikey's Aunt Teri was in town so we started our little challenge with the Draper Temple. We went with Granny Lois and Aunt Teri. We almost didn't make the cut though, we didn't realize how busy it still was there so we were put on a waiting list for the endowment session. It must of been in Heavenly Father's plans for us though cause we all made it for the session we wanted. The temple is beautiful as well as the view.

I look so homely in this picture and Mikey looks super white and bald. Not our greatest picture thats for sure!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

From this day forward....

We quickly drove back up to spanish fork after a few nights in vegas because Tiff and Alex were getting married on Sat. the 19th. They didn't hire a photographer which when I found out said that was absolutely crazy. Since I love photography (just as a hobby) I said I would shoot as many good shots as I could for them cause I knew they would regret it someday. The ceremony was great and once again Heather outdid herself with the candy bar. It was amazing here are some of the pictures I took. They are nothing great but at least it is something. I tried to remember cool shots/poses I learned in my photography classes at Columbus State and my inspiration for the editing came from my friend Chelsea (who is an amazing photographer I might add) I love the Ploehn family they are the best! Thanks for the invite!

What happens in Vegas...Stays in Vegas

Popeye came to visit my Mom in St. George for the week. The weekend before they flew out he wanted to spend (literally cause they spent money gambling) in Vegas. So we drove down and spent the weekend with them. We stayed in a cheaper hotel a few blocks off the strip called the Goldcoast. It wasn't luxury by any means but it worked for the amount of time we were actually in the room which was pretty much never.
If I look uncomfortable in the picture with the blue man group it is because I was. There were all these people waiting to cross in front of us, so I just wanted to take the picture as quickly as possible. The carpet picture I took cause I loved the carpet and thought it would be so cute in a little girls room or even a craft room some day.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blushing Bride

Today I went to Tiff's bridal shower at Heather's parents house. We had a really good time, Heather is such a party planner! The food was delicious especially the mini "pigs in a blanket"!